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"The doctor listens. Took time to explain and didn't rush the visit. It's an important decision and I felt like I matter. The packet with his letter and letting you know how to reach him were good. I feel confident in him and his team." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) February 2022

"I am beyond thrilled with *Dr. Haddock's expertise and care. He is a top notch surgeon and I am so very grateful that *Dr. Wooldridge referred me to him. His staff is also amazing." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) January 2022

"I love my dr. & his staff!" Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) January 2022

"Dr Haddock is excellent in terms of listening to my needs and of course assessing possible concerns." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) January 2022

"Excellent doctor and nurses and staff. I highly recommend Dr. Haddock and all of the staff." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) December 2022

"I have already referred friends with breast cancer to Dr. Haddock." (Press Ganey Survey) December 2022

"Molly and Dr. Haddock's nurses are always responsive and caring to my specific needs." (Press Ganey Survey) December 2022

"Dr. Haddock always takes time to answer my questions and address any concerns. I understand why he is highly recommended!" (Press Ganey Survey) July 2021

"Dr. Haddock is amazingly brilliant, talented, and his bedside manner is impeccable. He has my total confidence and trust!" (Press Ganey Survey) June 2021

"My ability to contact Dr. Haddock and his staff is excellent.  Their response to any questions are quick and precise." (Press Ganey Survey) May 2021

"I actually arrived quite early, but didn't wait for Nurse or PA to see me.  Dr. Haddock and his team always make me feel like the most important person.  They are gracious and always listen." (Press Ganey Survey) May 2021

"Dr. Haddock is the best at what he does. I was included in decisions about my care. He explained to me every step of my proposed treatment.  He took time to answer my questions. He treated patients like they are part of his family. My husband stated that Dr. Haddock took time to discuss the results of my surgery with him while I was in recovery." (Press Ganey Survey) May 2021

"Dr. Haddock is excellent in every way!! His expertise as a surgeon is phenomenal. His caring, kind manner has been encouraging and reassuring through my cancer journey and reconstruction." (Press Ganey Survey) May 2021

"Excellent experience! I arrived early for my appointment and was brought back and seen very quickly." (Press Ganey Survey) May 2021

"I really like Dr. Haddock. He takes his time in talking & explaining the procedure & makes you feel very comfortable with his great knowledge." (Press Ganey Survey) May 2021

"great doctor and nurse. very caring and informative." (Press Ganey Survey) May 2021

"I have already recommended Dr. Haddock and will again." (Press Ganey Survey) May 2021

"I cannot write enough superlatives about Dr. Haddock and his staff.  Absolute perfection." (Press Ganey Survey) May 2021

"Dr. Haddock always takes the time to answer my questions.  I never feel rushed during appointments.  He takes as much time as necessary." (Press Ganey Survey) May 2021

"Dr. Haddock is wonderful and a highly skilled and caring physician. I am completely confident in his abilities." (Press Ganey Survey) May 2021

"I love visiting Dr. Haddock's office.  His staff is amazing." (Press Ganey Survey) May 2021

"Dr. Haddock spends as much time as I need. I never feel rushed.  All questions are answered even when I think of something on my way out! The medical and personal support are just extraordinary. I am very impressed and appreciative." (Press Ganey Survey) May 2021

"Dr. Haddock was excellent bedside manner.  I had MANY questions. Dr. Haddock took his time to answer them all and never rushed through the visit." (Press Ganey Survey) May 2021

"Dr. Haddock is the best in terms of bedside manner, experience, and skill." (Press Ganey Survey) May 2021

"Wonderful experience, especially when nervous about a major surgery. Dr. Haddock and his team are the best around. So thankful!" (Press Ganey Survey) May 2021

"Very thoughtful and patient - Did a great job of explaining all the options as well as pros and cons of each.  The best experience!" (Press Ganey Survey) May 2021

"Dr. Nicholas Haddock took care of me with warm words and professionalism. He treated me with respect and very made laugh! I feel so lucky to be his patient." (Press Ganey Survey) May 2021

"Dr. Haddock has showed such a perfect blend of compassion for difficult situation and the confidence to provide the very best care.  Once this pink journey has ended - we will miss seeing him!!" (Press Ganey Survey) May 2021

"I love this practice and Dr. Haddock.  I've referred 3 people who have breast cancer post my surgery." (Press Ganey Survey) May 2021

"Not only is Dr. Haddock amazing, but his entire office is! They are talented, efficient, professional, and kind. You can't ask for more than that." Google Review October 2020 

"Dr. Haddock is a great plastic surgeon. He is personable and very professional. He helped me through many breast reconstruction surgeries. I totally trust him." Vitals Review August 2020

"Dr. Haddock is truly a joy to work with. After consulting with several plastic surgeons regarding my reconstruction after mastectomy, I felt very let down and like I had nowhere to turn. I was recommended by a friend to see Dr. Haddock and I am so so so thankful I did. He is so kind, compassionate, takes his time with me and answers all of my questions, and his work truly speaks for itself. He is very thorough, careful, and has an incredible eye for what looks good. I look better now than I ever did before surgery. I will and have recommended Dr. Haddock to any and all friends who would need any procedures that he does. He is an absolute gem and his staff truly is too!" Google Review March 2020

"To make a long story short, I woke up on the morning following my breast implant surgery with almost no pain (and this was without pain medication). Fast forward to about two years later, the scar from my surgery is close to invisible and I have been fortunate to live a "normal" lifestyle even though I had breast cancer. I cannot express how much I appreciate Dr. Haddock and his professional nurses and staff for all that they have done. Thank you!" Google Review March 2020

"I met with Dr. Haddock to discuss a reduction as a result of some tissue that needed to be removed. I had a spreadsheet of questions and clarifications about how many times he had done something like this. I also had questions around the various options that might be available to me to accomplish the optimal result for me. I explained that my goal was to feel as good as I could about it. He was so patient and real as he explained in layman's terms why some options would not work or would not be advised. He also explained other aspects of the surgery and potential post surgery process that may make a difference as I made my decision. I never felt pressured or as though my questions were not important. He was kind, compassionate and real. I will keep you posted but it was an easy decision to select him as my surgeon!" Google Review February 2020

"I highly recommend Dr. Haddock he is very Professional and kind and transparent. He was highly recommend from my Oncology team in Fort Worth and I trusted that recommendation. I had my breast reconstruction on December 4th. This was my 2nd reconstruction. Dr. Haddock did not do the first one. But he did a great job of fixing what needed to be corrected. I Thank God for Surgeons and teams like Dr. Haddock’s . I feel 100% better now. I should have done this 2 years ago. Surgery and recovery has been awesome." Google Review 2020

"My double mastectomy and DIEP flap surgery on July 10th, 2019 was a SUCESS and OUTSTANDING! I have one more surgery to complete. All I can say is Dr Haddock and staff are wonderful. I know I worked all of them nervous, yet they continued to be nice through this entire process!! Not to add this is my first time writing a review!!" Vitals Review December 2019

"Hollywood Surgeon in Dallas. I was so excited to have the opportunity to have the very best surgeon through my breast cancer breast reconstruction. I knew of Dr. Haddock exquisite reputation even before my first visit (I’m researcher) and through it all he absolutely lived up to his reputation and beyond. He did a reconstruction, lift, and reduction after my partial mastectomy and it turned out beautifully. EVERY other doctor that I’ve had to see since the surgery has literally said WOW your surgeon did a great job, I just say, “I know! Hugh!”. He is also very good at listening and truly caring about you as a patient. I am going to have to have more surgery and I can’t stand the though of anybody but Dr. Haddock doing that. He is the best! A Hollywood Plastic Surgeon in Dallas Texas!! Shirley" Vitals Review November 2019

"I have had many surgeons in my life and this man is the best ever. He stands out, above and beyond. He has perfected his specialties. He has the best bedside manner. I totally trust him in every way. Best decision I ever made."Facebook March 2019

"Dr. Haddock is an excellent surgeon. He clearly discussed several surgical options available to me. He carefully listened to my questions and concerns and answered each at a level I understood. I can highly recommend this surgeon!."Facebook September 2018

"I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in January I have to have a Bilateral Mastectomy in March, Dr Haddock will be doing my Reconstructive Surgery. My daughter and I went to see him so he would be explaining my procedure. He was so kind, and explained all procedures to me in such a professional manner, that o could actually understand it all. You are frightened enough with the diagnosis and to be put at ease is so important. I can’t wait to start this journey!! You just Pray God watches over our Doctors and their hands. As we are in both!"Facebook February 2018

"Dr Haddock is always so kind & takes the time to answer my questions. He makes me feel comfortable and at ease concerning decisions about my body & reconstruction after mastectomy. I appreciate that he always has a smile on his face when he walks in the room, be it at his office or at the hospital. He is the only plastic surgeon I have ever seen, so I cannot imagine being treated any better. His staff are all very friendly, kind & so willing to help. I am very blessed to be in their care."Facebook August 2018

"Dr. Haddock is a true healer and wonderful person. He brings clear expertise and knowledge, exceptional surgical skills, a genuine concern for each patient as unique individuals (no one size fits all attitude), and a drive to innovate and find new ways to literally help put patients back together after breast cancer. He and his staff always have a smile and work to provide transparency and unwavering support to his patients. I've had four surgeries, bi-lateral mastectomy, DIEP flap, fat grafting and revisions with Dr. Haddock. It has always been about me, and how he can help me achieve my goals, look, feel, and functionality. Although there are a lot of surgeons to choose from, I simply cannot tout the praises for Dr. H. enough. He has been with me non-stop on a very tough road with the breast cancer treatments, and back into a normal day-to-day life. With heartfelt gratitude, I thank you Dr. Haddock and your team for everything, and recommend that anyone who finds themselves with a similar need to seek you out for help. Absolutely the best!!!"Facebook February 2018

"Dr. Haddock was always professional and respectful from my pre-surgery to recovery. The reconstruction from my bilateral mastectomy is without a doubt miraculous and fabulous.  I have nothing but praise to describe Dr. Haddock, his staff, and my experience.  I recommend him for all plastic surgeries required." PACT June 2017

"I had breast reduction and from the very first appointment to my post op appointment, Dr. Haddock was informative, answered all my questions patiently , and I felt that he truly cared for me as an individual. His administrator, nurse, and nursing staff were so encouraging and supportive. I would highly recommend DR. Haddock for cosmetic or reconstruction surgery because of his expertise, perfection, and his sincere compassion as a plastic surgeon." OL Healthgrades April 2017

"Dr. Haddock and his team of Nurses are wonderful. I was anti-implant and they made me change my entire perspective on breast reconstruction. He is a very personable and awesome professional and I highly recommend him to anyone needing surgery!" Google Review March 2017

"I can truly say that my experience has been wonderful. Dr. Haddock is a great plastic surgeon who takes pride in his work and makes you feel you are in good hands. I am a breast cancer survivor!! And I can truly say that when I look in the mirror I don't see a daily reminder that I once had cancer that took away the old models of my breast because Dr. Haddock gave me new models that make me feel so good about myself!! He is always there to answer any question or concern. I truly recommend him for any type of plastic surgery because he loves what he does and he is good at it." Google Review February 2017 

Dr. Haddock is a great doctor, his team reflects his special care for his patients. I am a breast cancer survivor therefore I underwent breast reconstruction which I can truly say I am very pleased. He has made me feel great about myself and when I look in the mirror I see no reminder. He takes time to answer any questions or concerns. I will refer him to my family, friends for other types of plastic surgery and other survivors because he has a passion and love for what he does. PS Healthgrades January 2017

"This man is the best! He and his staff have been a bright spot on my breast cancer journey. I love this doctor and his staff and I highly recommend him to everyone who is facing reconstructive surgery. I couldn’t have received better care anywhere else. Like I said, he’s the best!" RT October 2016

"The amazing, caring, genius, artist, surgeon….the only….Dr. Haddock. I am blown away by the standard of care I received by this incredible doctor and his staff. I almost didn’t have reconstruction until I met them. From my first moment in their care I was considered important and a top priority. I will forever recommend anyone to them. Thank you for changing my world and giving me a body better than the one I had originally!" SW November 2016

"Dr. Haddock always has time for my questions and he answers messages I send in on My Chart.  He is very knowledgeable, and I have full confidence in him." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) October 2016

"I am consistently impressed with Dr. Haddock." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) October 2016

"Dr. Haddock was very patient and thorough." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) October 2016

"My experience was great with Dr. Haddock. His staff is so kind and his integrity and bedside manner is wonderful. Of course, the best part is the results. He excels in not only breast reconstruction and hand surgeries, but also cosmetic procedures. I would never go to anyone else!" DT Healthgrades February 2016

"Dr. Haddock proceeds with confidence and a modest approach that inspires trust.  He does not display arrogance.  His skill is obvious due to non-busing results that other surgeons may have." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) July 2016

"Dr. Haddock is always so caring." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) July 2016

"So thankful to have Dr. Haddock as my doctor.  He is knowledgeable, friendly and takes time to make sure I understand everything fully." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) July 2016

"Dr. Haddock is a wonderful, caring doctor that truly listens and cares." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) January 2016

"Dr. Haddock is wonderful and I would highly recommend him.  i love his bedside manner, ease of understanding procedures and medications, etc." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) January 2016

"Dr. Haddock always spends so much time with me answering questions I have regarding my reconstruction." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) January 2016

"Dr. Haddock and his staff have been incredible throughout my entire experience with them.  From my first to my last surgery, he and his staff have been genuine and professional." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) January 2016

"In May 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was soon referred to Dr Nicholas Haddock. During my consultation with him, I knew within 5 minutes he was the Plastic Surgeon for me. Since that time I've had 3 surgeries,multiple procedures and follow ups (all planned). Dr Haddock was present at all of them. His knowledge, professionalism, compassion, integrity and bed side manner have been impeccable. In my opinion he is THE BEST PLASTIC SURGEON IN DFW. I have no one to compare him to and hope I never do. He always made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Dr Haddock. I wish you, Susie and the rest of your staff the very best. Merry Christmas!!!!" EB November 2015

"I think Dr. Haddock is one of the best!! With all the cancer surgeries I have had, I have seen many doctors and he is the one I am most confident in." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) November 2015

"Dr. Haddock's team is amazing.  Each office visit is filled with competence and compassion." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) November 2015

"Dr. Haddock is a wonderful doctor - would highly recommend him.  Love his bedside manner, ease of understanding procedures, meds, etc." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) November 2015

"For Someone with a phobia of doctors & hospitals and being the most self-conscious individual I am, this office put me at ease with everything! Thank you!" Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) November 2015

"Dr.Nicholas Haddock bedside manners was awesome, he is a very attentive surgeon after surgery I could email him and would receive immediate responses. The emotional piece of my breast reduction surgery has changed me for the better, for the rest of my life I am a more happier individual the weight that I carried in my chest instantly improved my back, neck pain and I might add a confidencebuilder. Thank you thank you thank you very much for changing my life on so many levels Dr.Haddock" MJ November 2015

"Dr. Haddock and his staff are outstanding.  He is the best doctor I have seen. He always makes me feel like I am his only patient." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) October 2015

"Dr. Haddock is an exceptional physician.  I have seen him for almost a year.  His work is outstanding and he is extremely caring.  His staff is also exceptional." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) October 2015

"Dr. Haddock always gives me ample time to discuss whatever I need to and I appreciate that." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) October 2015

"I continue to be impressed with the level of professionalism combined with excellent interpersonal skills that Dr. Haddock demonstrates.  He conveys genuine empathy which I've not experienced with most other surgeons.  He is obviously teaching his students to develop these same skills." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) October 2015

"I cannot express how wonderful Dr. Haddock is.  His bedside manner is above and beyond.  His honesty, concern and approachability is like no other." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) July 2015

"Dr. Haddock was incredible. I was very impressed with my entire surgical experience.  He is very gifted and never disappoints." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) July 2015

"Dr. Haddock has given me an experience I would describe as icing on the cake of survival.  He is wonderful." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) July 2015

"Dr. Haddock displays the utmost professionalism, compassion, and patience.  I chose this doctor not only because of his credentials and demeanor, but also because he was respectful and pleasant.  I am grateful I was referred to him." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) July 2015

"I have never felt more cared for by a doctor than Dr. Haddock. His skill, care, and the support of his staff is above and beyond any expectation I had. They have changed my life in so many ways and restored my faith in post cancer care and plastic surgery. I am most grateful." SW March 2015

"My results after a double mastectomy could not have been any better! I was very lucky to have been referred to Dr. Haddock. Now I refer others in need of both breast surgery or cosmetic procedures. You can trust him and his integrity." DT March 2015

"Dr. Haddock is always very caring & makes sure everything is good.  He always makes sure I understand & agree on what the has planned." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) February 2015

"All my questions were answered and I never felt rushed" Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) February 2015

"Best Dr. EVER." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) February 2015

"Dr. Haddock is the best!" Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) February 2015

"Provided me with a file explaining everything" Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) February 2015

"Wonderful experience!" Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) February 2015

"Very good." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) February 2015

"Dr. Haddock's described the procedure & went step by step on how it would be done.  Also told me the kind of pain to expect.  Very impressed! Didn't leave me in the dark about anything." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) February 2015

"Dr. Haddock's staff is always very professional friendly." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) February 2015

"Thank you Dr Haddock for caring about my recovery process and helping me to feel more like myself for Christmas." SC December 2014

"Had my first appointment today to discuss breast reconstruction. I was very impressed with the personal attention his whole office gave. He was quick and answered all my questions. I will update this after my procedure is done but I am now much more at ease with the upcoming surgery. I have already referred a friend who is looking for a surgeon." RateMD November 2014

"Dr. Haddock did an amazing job on my face/neck lift and upper and lower blepharoplasty. My friends can't get over what a gentle technique he used to create a fresher look. I feel more confident so it was well worth the investment. I can't wait to go to my high school reunion!" DT May 2014

"Dr. Haddock listened, answered all my questions and was very patient" Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) April 2014

"Dr. Haddock treats me like a person, not just a patient." Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) April 2014

"I was referred to Dr.Haddock for breast reconstruction surgery. The process involved three surgeries and the results are phenominal. I am extremely happy with all the choices he made on my behalf during a time when I wasn't thinking clearly and didn't know what to expect. I grew to trust him 100% throughout this process and would recommend him to anyone. Others I know who have been through reconstruction are impressed with my results as well. His staff is courteous and caring and you feel as though you are their top priority while being treated. Dr. Haddock and his nurses are very responsive to any concerns brought to their attention, unlike I have seen with any other doctor's office. I see him as a leader in his field and have referred others to him as well." RateMD January 2014

"I think Dr. Haddock is an amazing doctor.  He always takes time to answer my questions and make sure I understand."  Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) January 2014

"Dr. Haddock listens. I have utmost confidence in him and I am referring friends to him."  Anonymous (Press Ganey Survey) January 2014

"Our Family wants to thank you for helping us end 2013 better then we started.  We were blessed to have found you to help our mama and wife.  It has meant so much to us."

"Thank you so very much for all of your encouragement during my surgery time." December 2013

"Dr. Haddock and Suzie - Thank you so very much for the wonderful care and attention. Your kindness has been such a blessing to me during this difficult time." December 2013

Dr. Haddock, Thank you and your staff for taking me on as a patient.  The surgery has improved my quality of life already."  October 2013

"Dr. Haddock, Thanks for taking such good care of me.  Your work has made a difference in my life." June 2010

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