Otoplasty (Ear Pinning)

Dr. Haddock offer external ear surgery, Otoplasty in Dallas, Texas. Otoplasty is most commonly performed to correct protruding ears. Although otoplasty does not affect hearing, it can provide great psychological benefits. Young children, who are teased by their classmates about their ears, especially benefit from this procedure. Many adults have otoplasty, as they may be self conscious about the fact their ears protrude. This prevents many females from pulling their hair back in a ponytail or wearing other hairstyles.

The procedure typically requires an incision in the natural crease behind the ear. In addition to putting the ears in the correct position relative to their distance from the head, the natural contours of the ear folds and crevices are created. Most people who have protruding ears lack what is known as an antihelical fold at the top of the ear. The ear is much more aesthetically pleasing when the antihelical fold is created.

A bandage is placed over the ears for approximately 5 days. Children can return to school in one week. There are no sutures to be removed following an otoplasty. Usually there is some bruising associated with otoplasty and the ears will be tender after the procedure. Patients are asked to wear a headband as much as tolerated for the first few weeks following surgery.